Environment & Safety

JAC places importance on being a responsible corporate citizen. We are committed to protecting and preserving the environment, safety and health management of the staff and plant throughout its development, construction, commissioning and operation.

We have a sound management system for the environment, health and safety to ensure that all relevant environmental, health, safety, social and welfare issues are considered in a coordinated manner at the plant’s early stage. For example, we have put in place our own Environmental Action Plan that addresses myriad issues including energy efficiency, cleaner production, and reduction in greenhouse gas emission. JAC has set out to be compliant with the major global laws on environment, health and safety. In addition, we will adhere to host country Singapore’s EHS guidelines and regulations.



HSSE Developments

JAC vigorously upholds environmental and safety performance in all our operations and business. Its development entails a “4C pillars” strategy: Commitment, Compliance, Competency and Credibility. We aspire to embed them into our daily activities, to achieve excellence in HSSE which is recognised by the industry.

Commitment: We are committed to run our operations safely with zero lost time incident as the target, and to minimise impact on the environment. We work with internal and external stakeholders as a team to ensure continual improvement and business sustainability.

Compliance: We strive to be in compliance or exceed HSSE-related legislation and adopt best industry practices. Internal and external audits are conducted to ensure compliance.

Competency: We take the approach that HSSE is everyone’s responsibility. All employees and contractors must possess basic HSSE competencies which are developed through on-the-job training as well as training courses.

Credibility: We will work under a HSSE management system that is certified to international standards.

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