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        GD type grab mobile (suspension) full automatic trash cleaning machine
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        GD type grab mobile (suspension) full automatic trash cleaning machine

        Model :Model: GD—□□ (Grab ability)


        GD grab mobile trash cleaning machine is a kind of energy saving and effective mobile grille trash cleaning equipment, which is widely applied in the intake of many water conservancy fields

        ■ Power station: (thermal power station, hydropower station, nuclear power station)   
        ■ Water supply and drainage pump station
        ■ Sewage and rainwater discharge place   
        ■ Tap water plant intake   
        ■ Riverway gate discharge place   
        ■ Sewage treatment plant

        GD grab mobile trash cleaning machine breaks the design of the traditional model. It possesses the innovative design concept in China, applies several advanced technologies and develops the new generation of grille cleaning equipment. Its unique suspension guide rail design could make the machine maximally meet the requirements of various sites and spaces. Thanks to its novel design, and simple and reasonable structure, it's not necessary to damage the current structure and civil engineering. Furthermore, it could reduce the investment in civil engineering and is an ideal selection to replace the current system and equipments.

        GD grab mobile trash cleaning machine mainly includes:
        Support, rail Loaded pulley Grab device Electric control system
        A set of full automatic trash cleaning machine could serve several groups of grilles. In the operation, the pulley could accurately stop before the grille to be cleaned and start the cleaning process. After the grab catches the dirt, it operates along the track until the discharge area (slag storage) without conveying for the second time. The cleaning process is repeated automatically until the dirt on all the grilles are all cleaned.

        Electric control system
        Electric control mode (C):
        Manually operate through button box switch;
        Remote control mode (B):
        Complete each working process through the remote control system;
        Full automatic control mode (A):
        Perform through the time or liquid level difference system;

        Loaded pulley
        The loaded pulley (moving vehicle) includes all the drive equipments of the trash cleaning machine.
        Hoisting reducing motor: control the rise and fall of the grab through the roller of the cable.
        Grab device: control the open and closed status of the grab through the hydraulic system power.
        Traveling system: control the horizontal operation of the pulley through the drive of the speed reducer.
        The grab is suspended below the moving vehicle, which is installed with particular tension system for balance and to ensure the stable and reliable travel of the moving vehicle.

        Support, rail
        The structure of the support and rail is mainly to satisfy the travel requirements of the loaded pulley. The direction trace of the track could maximally meet the requirements of site space. The support guide rail could be installed either on the ground or wall, to save the civil work investment. The track directly bestrides on the above of the intake and all the electric cables are laid in the track. The whole appearance structure is simple and clean and the equipments are stable, reliable, and easy for maintenance.

        Grab device
        The design of the grab has fully considered the processing of various kinds of dirt and the features of great quantity of water plants. It's made of the following different materials:
        Stainless steel, 304,316 (for marine water and sewage)
        Hot galvanized steel (for fresh water)
        Back mesh (for sewage)

        ■ Required scope for the grille
          Minimum Maximum
        Grille space 20mm 400mm
        Grille depth 1.5m 85m
        Grille tilt angle 90°

        Advantages of the product
        Due to the unique structure and the latest technologies of GD type grab mobile trash cleaning machine, it has the following advantages:
        ■Strong adaptability: be adapted to any complicated water quality, capable of treating various rough wastes, float grass is large area and sundries, etc.
        ■Large processing quantity: the grab has large capacity, which is capable of grabbing several hundreds kilogranVs wastes in various kinds.
        ■Wide operation area: a set of machine is capable of cleaning several groups of grilles from top to bottom completely.
        ■Deep grabbing distance: the waste with the depth of around 100m could be grabbed, with no limitation on width.
        ■Good structural performance: it's not necessary to use the guide rail for the up and bottom operation of the grab and there's no friction and little energy consumption.
        ■High automation degree: all the operation process is automatically completed through PLC touch screen, which realizes the unmanned duty.
        ■Long service life: there're no permanent soaking parts, no friction, few faults and extremely low maintenance assignment.
        ■Good working environment: the waste could be placed to the discharge area directly without any conveying device. The open-style platform is clean and neat.
        ■Economical civil engineering investment: it's capable of adapting to various site and spaces and there're low requirements for civil engineering and cost.

        ■ High price to performance ratiorits working efficiency equals the combination of three traditional machine, namely dirt removal system, conveying system and discharge system.

        Operation process

        Main technical parameters
        Model GD250 GD800 GD1500 >GD3000 GD5000
        Safe working load (kg) 250 800 1500 3000 5000
        Grab width (m) 1-1.5 1.5-2.5 2-3.5 3.5-5 5-8
        Ma×imum grab weight (kg) 500 1250 1500 2500 4000
        Grille space (mm) 20-150 30-200 40-250 40-300 50-300
        Hoisting motor power (kw) 2.2 5.5 5.5 7.5 11
        Hoisting speed (m/min) 15 15 10 10 10
        Traveling motor power (kw) 0.75 0.8 2×0.8 2×1.1 2×1.5
        Traveling speed (m) 20 20 20 20 20
        Hydraulic pump power (kw) 1.5 2.2 2.2 2.2 4.0
        Hydraulic working pressure (Mpa) 12 12 12 12 12
        Loaded weight (kg) 800 1250 1800 2500 3800
         Minimum curvature radius of the track (m) 8 10 15 20 25
        Note: the above parameters could be customized

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